Sunday, November 21, 2010

benedict anderson @ Thursday, 09.12.2010 /18.00 / PhD room (131) / ITU Taskisla

SLEEP[less] hosts Professor Benedict Anderson on Thursday, 09.12.2010 with a lecture entitled


His lecture explores how spatial design, architectonic and visual art can illicit new and alternative body topologies within the context of site specific performance and the urban built environment. Through examples, research and practice the lecture will explore various modes of operations in creating socio-cultural interventions through an interdisciplinary practice.

Benedict Anderson has been engaged in exploring the city, urban conditions and performance throughout his career. Practicing and teaching in Europe his work engages with architecture, scenography, film and dramaturgy. His focus on performance, the city and multi-media is distinguished by how they animate relationships between body and space through the solid and fluid natures of the temporal and ephemeral states of appearances and representations.

Thursday, 09.12.2010 /18.00 / PhD room (131) / ITU Taskisla